How to Add Noti­fi­ca­tion Cen­ter Wid­gets on Mac – Guide

Apple’s macOS Big Sur connects the usual iOS features with Apple’s Mac lineup computing gains. Now that iOS apps can run on macOS, it makes sense that both operating systems look and work similarly. Regrettably, the release of Big Sur was very hectic. When new software is released, it is always to wait until all irregularities are resolved before downloading. But who really follows accepts free advice? If you’ve already downloaded and installed macOS Bir Sur, you’ll be one of the first to notice that Apple has modified the Control Center, Menu Bar, and Notification Center widgets to offer a one-click approach to handling commonly used functions and information.

How to find more Today preview widgets for your Mac

Step 1: Launch Notification Center on your computer. Step 2: Click Today at the top. Step 3: Go to the bottom and click Edit and then click App Store.

How to add widgets

Once you’ve downloaded the widgets and installed them on your Mac, just do the following: Step 1: Invoke Notification Center by clicking Notification Center button in the upper right corner of the menu bar. Step 2: Click Edit button at the bottom of the Today screen. Step 3: Click the plus sign next to the item you want to add to the Today screen. You can then use the drag handles to rearrange the order of the Today View widgets or use the ‘-‘ sign to remove a widget from the Today view. When finished editing, click the Done button. button in the lower left corner of the screen or just click outside Notification Center to exit. Here is a list of the widgets I’m currently running on my Notification Center’s Today screen. I use a total of five widgets, and three of them are third-party widgets from the Mac App Store.


I use MiniPlay to control iTunes music and Spotify streaming. I really like this widget because it features great album cover, has the ability to clean music and has all playback controls immediately accessible. It’s also very well designed from a visual standpoint and it’s free from the Mac App Store.

iStat Mini

We’ve seen iStat Mini before and my feelings about it haven’t changed. This is a simple Today View widget that gives you a quick view of your Mac’s system status. It’s great for quickly getting a broad overview of your Mac. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a widget that has more depth, take a look at Monity.


I use the calculator widget at least once a day, but not enough to justify a robust third-party calculator app like PCalc. The stock calculator widget works perfectly for me, although I must admit that I much prefer the look and feel of the PCalc UI.

world clock

I have friends all over the world and, as such, I like to get a general idea of ​​what time it is in the various areas I like to visit. The stock world clock widget allows me to do this without worrying too much.


I absolutely love Thessa on the iPhone so it was easy to pick this one. up for the Mac. Having a robust method to access my Nest Learning Thermostat directly from Notification Center is awesome. It’s so easy to keep tabs on my home temperature while I’m working right now. Note that you can also use app widgets outside of the Mac App Store. There are some third-party applications that can be downloaded through a browser that feature Today’s Preview Widgets.

Final note

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