How to Add Own Pronunciations on iPhone and iPad – Guide

Fortunately, you can fix this on your iPhone and iPad with custom pronunciations. If you want to hear a word or phrase in a certain way, you can add it to your device and listen to it however you like from there. How to add your own pronunciations on iOS. When it comes to using accessibility features on iPhone and iPad, there are times when you need to make some adjustments. For spoken content, it could be the speech rate or the voice you are hearing. In that context, have there ever been times when things didn’t sound quite right? iPhone and iPad offer amazing text-to-speech feature so you don’t need to read the article just yet. Text-to-speech will help you with a custom one. So, you can have an amazing experience while listening, allowing you to add and remove your pronunciation on your iPhone and iPad. We will share some knowledge to help you pronounce based on your experience so far. However, if you miss this tweak in the future, you will have a custom pronunciation on your iOS and iPad. so you don’t have to read the article yet.

Add Custom Pronunciations on iPhone and iPad

Speak Screen was originally designed to help people who are visually impaired, but you can employ it to help you read content on your iPhone. The Settings app allows you to add custom pronunciations. Even the older iOS version may allow you to use the feature.

Follow the steps below to experience the feature.

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