Guide: How to Add Parents in Seesaw

Seesaw is a great app that makes teacher-parent communication much easier. It helps teachers to save valuable time by discussing the progress of an individual student with their parents. This article mainly focuses on how teachers can add parents to their class. Read on to learn all about this handy and innovative app.

How to Add parents to Seesaw

To keep things running smoothly, here are some steps teachers should take before adding parents to their class: Finally you can start adding parents to Seesaw. There are several ways to do this, via email, SMS or QR code. Let’s go through the steps for each of the options.

Add parents via text message

Adding parents to Seesaw with SMS invites is probably the easiest method. Even parents who aren’t tech-savvy can get involved this way. Here is how to do it: The parents will receive SMS invitations, but they will not receive Seesaw notifications via SMS unless they enable this option. The standard notifications are sent by e-mail. Parents must change this option if they wish. If you’re teaching outside of the US, don’t forget to put the country code in front of the parent’s phone number when sending SMS invitations.

Add parents via email

Email invitations are almost the same as the SMS invitations: Please note that both email and text invitations are in English. If you want to use a translated invitation, please use the QR code described below.

Add parents via QR code

Last but not least, you have the QR code invitation method. This is how it works:

What it looks like from the parent’s perspective

Parents who receive a teacher’s Seesaw invite are all instructed to connect with their child’s diary. They need to create a new Seesaw account or log in to an existing account. Each of the invitations contains precise instructions in the message. Just in case, here are the download links for parents in the Android Play Store and the App Store for iOS. You can use them to update the app to the latest version or install Seesaw. It’s worth noting that parents should take a photo of the QR invite code in the Seesaw app if that’s what the teacher sent them. After that, they have to launch the Seesaw website and confirm that they join their child’s diary. No parent can participate without an invitation from the teacher. Keep in mind that up up to ten family members can connect to one student’s diary.

Handy for teachers and parents

Seesaw supports both teachers and parents. Each teacher knows how time consuming it is to talk to the parents of each of the students individually. Seesaw makes this more manageable and gives parents better insight. Admittedly, the app still isn’t particularly popular, but it’s moving in the right direction. How’s Seesaw? Are you a teacher or a parent? Does the app deliver positive results? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

How to Add Parents in Seesaw: benefits


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