How to Add Zoom Virtual Backgrounds on an Android Phone – Guide

Virtual sets are a fantastic way to have some fun or increase privacy during meetings if you don’t want to rearrange your bookshelf before joining a Zoom session. Long before they were available on Android, Zoom backgrounds were available on iOS and PC platforms. Users can employ virtual Zoom backdrops to hide their location or spice up your online meetings. On Android smartphones with app version 5.3.52640.0920, the feature is accessible. The update also includes the ability to share phone audio directly with meeting participants, as well as the option to choose a breakout area. These qualities, however, won’t get you to a barren island or the Simpsons’ living room.

How to enable Zoom virtual backgrounds on Android

To enable Zoom virtual backgrounds feature: You can also choose to keep this background for all future meetings or just for the current session. This option can be found in the application’s general meeting settings.

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