How to Adjust Screen Resolution on Windows 11 – Guide

Microsoft took a risk with a revamp of its operating system, although many of the changes are little more than a facade. Windows 11 is a response to competition from Apple and Google, who have bitten the edges of the market-leading desktop operating system with sleek new designs. Despite the drastically updated look and feel intended to respond to the competition, Windows 11 works much like Windows 10 – with notable additions. features and conveniences. After six years of boring updates, this major overhaul of the look and feel of the world’s most popular desktop operating system is good news: Windows fans finally have something to look forward to. While Windows 11 can automatically configure display scaling settings to ensure elements (text, icons, navigations, and more) are the right size and readable, it’s not perfect and sometimes you may need to adjust settings. manually. For example, if you don’t have perfect eyesight, you can zoom in on screen elements to see and use them better without straining your eyes. If you connect an external monitor, using a custom scale setting can help increase the size of text, icons, and menus on both screens. Changing the Windows 11 scale can also improve the desktop display when showing a PowerPoint presentation on a projector. In this Windows 11 article, we will walk you through the steps to change scaling settings on a desktop monitor or laptop exhibition.

How to adjust screen resolution in windows 11

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