The advantage of this technology is that AirDrop is faster and more secure than many alternatives. It automatically finds nearby recipients, so there’s no need to connect devices. And because it uses Wi-Fi, files are transferred from one device to another faster than via Bluetooth or NFC. Transmissions are protected by the TLS protocol, which is also used to secure HTTPS websites. We have mentioned steps below to AirDrop Photos and Files

Steps to AirDrop Photos

Final Word

We hope like our article on how to AirDrop Photos and Files on iPhone. A cool method of file transfer between phones is called AirDrop. It broadcasts information and establishes connections between two devices via Bluetooth on your phone. After that, the data is transferred between the two devices using point-to-point Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to transport data very quickly without losing any of it. It can be very useful to know how to AirDrop photos, especially if you plan to share them.

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