Guide: How to Always Active the Slack Sta­tus

We’ve all been there. Just as you are about to send a question to your manager or colleague on Slack, you see that the person is inactive. You now wonder if you should bother them with your silly questions. That usually happens to me. Whenever I think of firing a series of questions at someone on Slack, the Away status makes me doubt myself. Do I have to disturb him/her? And the situation is also actual in the reverse scenario. For the most part, Slack sets the status to Away if you remain inactive for too long, even if you have it open in a browser tab on your PC. Sometimes this feature can be a relief because it gives me the focus I want. But it can be counterproductive because it doesn’t show the whole scenario – that you’re working, even if it shows otherwise. In teams where communication is vital, a simple matter like status is critical. So, if you’re looking for ways to keep Slack running all the time while you work, you’re in luck. Yes, there is a way to keep Slack availability active as always. In this post, we will see how to do it. Disclaimer: Posting your status online may be considered unethical even if you are not working or available. The sole purpose of this article from Guiding Tech is to show the actual scenario that Slack shows you as online when you are working and available, and no different.

How to Always keep Slack active in the browser

The method we will explore is through a Slack Off tool. It is a simple tool that works through Slack’s legacy tokens. But what are Slack tokens? In the good old days, when Slack didn’t have app integrations, legacy tokens were used to make calls with the web API. Slack apps Since then, apps have replaced this integration method. However, some tools still require these tokens to integrate, and the SlackOff tool is one of them. Note: You should exercise the same degree of caution with tokens as with your passwords. And once the job is done, tokens should be revoked. Now that we’ve established what Slack tokens are let’s look at how to use the SlackOff app. Visit SlackOff

How to Use SlackOff

Step 1: Open the site and sign up for this service by clicking the Try it out button

Here the email ID you are signing up with is not necessarily the one you use to log in to Slack. Step 2: After signing in, click on Add team, and you will be redirected to the Add Slack team page. Here you need to add the token.

Tap the API token link here to generate your Slack tokens. You can also click on the link below. Generate API tokens Don’t forget to keep your Slack account logged in when you try the above step. Step 3: On the Slack Legacy token generator page, scroll until you see your workspace and username.

If this is your first time using this service, the token will be displayed as 0. Click the issue token button Step 4: After copying the newly generated token, go back to Slack Off and paste the token number into the text box.

Then click Add team. Step 4: Once the token is verified, you will be redirected to SlackOff’s home page, where you will find the name of your workspace and the schedule set as always online. And that’s pretty much it!

From now on, you will always appear Online, and the green light will glow brightly while you do your daily work. SlackOff shows you as online even when you’re inactive, and that’s the only problem with the accessible version of Slack Off. So don’t forget to set the status to Away before logging out. The next time you load or reload Slack, you will be prompted for a new status. All you have to do is keep it active, and that’s it.

This limitation will be removed when you upgrade to the paid version of slack off. The paid version for $ 1.99 / month comes with a handy option to schedule your timing.

Fortunately, you can give the trial version (credit card information required) a shot before investing. So if you are a freelancer who only works on certain days, you can adjust your schedule accordingly. To set up your schedule, click on the name of your workspace in Slack and adjust the timing to your preference, then click the Save button.

If, for some reason, you think you can do it without always being active, just delete the team.

Personal problems?

The creators of SlackOff claim that they do not share information publicly or with third parties. But if you stop using SlackOff in the long run, revoke the token. Slack will automatically revoke old tokens if they are not used for an extended period.

How about Android and iPhone

While I searched far and wide for a dedicated solution for Android and iPhone, I couldn’t find one at the time of writing. One solution is to run SlackOff in one of the browsers on your PC. Since Slack’s Legacy Tokens page is accessible from the desktop, you can enable the desktop version through Chrome for Android.

Go green

So this was How to match Slack’s availability with yours. Do you like this method? Or would you prefer to continue working without distraction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. The next up Are you considering deleting the old Slack files? To learn how to do precisely that, in the article below.

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