How to Always Open Microsoft Edge With Previous Tabs – Guide

By default, Microsoft Edge opens a new tab when you restart it. However, you might want to change this for a number of reasons. If you’re the kind of person who likes to choose up where you left off, you may want the browser to open all previous tabs. Fortunately, Microsoft Edge lets you change your startup options so that you see your recent tabs every time you launch. This is very useful if you are someone who always accidentally closes the browser at the worst times. So let’s explore how to set Microsoft Edge to always open previous tabs.

Launch Microsoft Edge with previous tabs open

You can use either method to ensure that Edge opens with previous sessions, which you always close. Both settings have the same effect, but later it is useful when you want to deploy it to multiple computers.

Use edge settings

To open the Edge browser with all previous tabs open: The next time you launch Edge, it will work as expected.

Group Policy Setting

You can also change the following: There are two more policies you can configure along with it. One is Disable Home Pages Locking, which ensures that home pages configured in the Configure Home Pages policy cannot be changed and remain locked. The second is Configure home pages where you can set default home pages.

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