How to Always Relay Calls to Hide IP Address in Signal – Guide

Signal Private Messenger offers the best privacy and security features to protect the interests of users. Just like WhatsApp, you can make video and audio calls over Signal, but it’s more private. For example, you can hide your real IP address when calling from Signal. Signal has the ability to route all calls through its server, preventing your IP address from being shared with your contact. However, enabling Always Forward feature reduces call quality, so the feature is disabled by default. How to enable this feature to improve your privacy on Signal. In fact, some basic privacy features are hidden from users. If you browse the Signal Private Messenger settings page, you will find many options. Your Signal calls are now routed through their servers, hiding your IP address. By default, Signal tries to establish a P2P connection when you initiate or receive a call from someone in your contacts. However, if you receive a call from someone who is not in your contact list, Signal will route the call through its server. Always Forward Calls option allows users to forward all calls through Signal server to avoid leaking real IP address to their contacts. However, the downside is that call forwarding reduces call quality.

Steps to relay calls to hide IP address in signal

If you are interested in enabling hidden privacy feature in your Signal app, follow some of the simple steps given below.

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