How to Answer Phone Calls Automatically on iPhone – Guide

You are expecting an important call. Wait, this could be it now. But you cannot answer. Maybe you’re driving and don’t want to take it up The phone. Perhaps you are cooking and your hands are wet or greasy. Maybe you’re exercising and don’t want to fall off the treadmill. Whatever the reason, you can’t choose up your phone now or press the button button to answer the call. If you don’t want to miss the call, there is a solution. Courtesy of iOS 11, you can instruct your iPhone to automatically answer incoming calls. THE trick is to access the Call Audio Routing configuration and enable the Auto-Answer Calls option. You can then set the number of seconds a call is automatically answered. You can even auto-answer FaceTime audio or video calls, Wi-Fi calls, and calls from services like Skype. We will try.

How to Enable Auto Answer Calls on iPhone 11 Series

with the auto answer feature on, you can answer the incoming call hands-free. How is it feature works? When your iPhone rings, after a few seconds (3s by default), if you do nothing, it will select up the call to you. To enable Auto Answer Call on iPhone 11 series, follow the steps below.

How to Disable Auto Attendant Calls on iPhone 11 Series

Although the auto-response feature is useful in certain situations, it can be annoying at times. Imagine that you are having a private and sensitive conversation with someone and you receive a call. You can put your iPhone to sleep and auto-response is also enabled. After a few seconds, the phone will automatically answer the call and someone on the other end may inadvertently overhear your private conversation. In another case, you might be avoiding a call from someone, but the call will be answered automatically before you even take your iPhone out of your pocket. Annoying, isn’t it? To disable auto-answer on iPhone 11, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Audio Call Routing > Auto-Answer Calls. tap the green button next to disable the feature.

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