How to Appear Offline on your PS5 – Guide

The next generation of PlayStation is finally here with the PS5. This generation, Sony seems to be sticking with the approach that made the PS4 so successful: selling consoles that can play first-party games from Sony’s famous franchises, and also complementing that offering with great third-party titles. The PS5 also supports high frame rates, which should make games run smoother (if you have a screen that supports those frame rates). Plus, the PS5’s SSD promises such a huge leap in loading speed that it could change the way games are developed. While the PS4 was good, it didn’t guarantee you were offline from the moment you logged in. There were always a few seconds you were offline before you disappeared, which was enough time for anyone you wanted to hide from to see that you were actually available. However, PS5 fixes this issue and makes you appear as offline from the moment you log in. Also, your PS5 status will remain offline until you change it. It only takes a few minutes to change your status on PS5 so that you appear offline. Follow the steps below to appear offline on PS5.

How to appear offline on your PS5.

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