How to Apply Text Formatting on Reddit – Guide

Reddit is the largest discussion forum on the web with millions of active users and thousands of sub-editors. Reddit only allows you to use text in the body of posts and comments. However, you have several options that you can use to add formatting to your content thanks to Markdown, a markup language that applies text formatting to the content of a web page. Compared to other markup languages, Markdown is known to be straightforward, easy to use, and intuitive even for new users. To learn more about the language, read our Guide for Markdown. However, this article focuses on formatting options that frequent Reddit users will find most useful. If you’re using Reddit’s new UI on the desktop, you probably don’t need to use Markdown as the UI has a visual editor. However, if you’re using old Reddit, the official Reddit app on mobile, or third-party Reddit clients, you’ll likely still need to use Markdown.


It is a method of emphasizing parts of a text. You can use a single ‘’ to italicize a portion of the text, two ‘’ to make the text bold, or three ‘’ to make the text bold and italic. You can even add a line through the text. For that you have to use two ‘~’ before and after the text like this (text).

Sections and Headers

Basically, the font size differs depending on the browser type. This one feature is used to split the parts of a text post on Reddit. It is usually used if the text is very long. The biggest size it has is Heading 1, then Heading 2 and Heading 3.

To create a link in the text, you can enclose it in square brackets like this ‘[text]’, and immediately enclose the link in parentheses. “http” or “https” or similar link schemes must be incorporated into the link. You can also have Reddit create the links automatically. To do this, you have to type ‘u/’ and then type the name of a Reddit user, and the user will be linked to that name in the text. Otherwise, you can type ‘r/’ tracked by a subreddit name, and a link to the community will be mounted in the text.

Quotes and Code

To cite a text, you must insert a ‘>’ before the text. You must enter ‘»’ before the text to add nested quotes in the quote. To return the text in a code instead of keeping it as a quote, you must insert (`) in front and in the final text.

Final note

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