How to Auto Skip Bundled Adware on Windows 10 PC – Guide

Today we want to share with you the tricks to skip adware bundled on your Windows 10 device. We all use internet on our computer or laptop to browse a website. But sometimes we can see that the browser keeps redirecting to unwanted pages or ads. If this keeps happening, you may have malware on your device. They come to your device from some unverified websites at the time of installing the app. The Microsoft Store is the perfect place to install an app on your device. Before we continue, you should know some more details about pop-upup ads and bundled adware. Many users ask us why they see pop-upup ads on your devices. The answer is simple. You see these ads because there is adware on your device. However, the website you are using may also direct you to these ads. These ads overlay the actual content on the page. And clicking the link will take you to another website that may not be safe. Hence, adware is a real threat to your device. By definition, bundled adware is special adware software that keeps various types of adware in a compressed format. If you download and install software from untrustworthy website, this bundled adware will attack your device and spread on your system.

How to Automatically bypass bundled adware in Windows 10

Here we present some amazing software to help you fight bundled adware threats. Unchecky is a free adware blocking software for Windows 10. But before we start, we want to remind you of something. This software, Unchecky, was last updated in 2018. Despite this, the program works perfectly and is the best software for this purpose. So, let’s examine the process of fighting the adware bundled with Uncheky.

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