How to Avoid Tolls and Highways Using Maps on iPhone – Guide

Nobody likes toll roads. Fortunately, you can avoid these pesky wallet pitfalls with your iPhone. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps offer alternative directions that allow you to take the scenic (cheaper) route and avoid toll roads. Especially if you’re driving through cities you don’t know, knowing how to avoiding tolls on Google Maps or Apple Maps is a smart way to avoid unnecessary additional costs. Here it is how to avoid tolls with Apple and Google Maps. Since the GPS has a bird’s eye view, it’s easy for Google Maps to find alternative roads that allow you to avoid toll roads. The app has a practical feature which allows you to basically turn off toll roads. Nobody likes to be surprised by a toll. They’re an inconvenience many of us would rather not deal with, even if it means taking the scenic route. Fortunately, Apple Maps offers alternative directions to avoid toll roads, so we can save some money in the process. If you want to avoid those pesky toll booths then this article is for you. Here is a detailed guide about how to avoid toll roads with your iOS devices. While you can change the settings to avoid tolls in Apple Maps, this feature is not included in the app. You have to do this through “Settings”, which can be a bit confusing. when that feature is on, Apple Maps will automatically offer different free routes when you enter a destination, along with the distance and estimated travel time. However, if you want to avoid toll roads for each route, you can do so directly in the Apple Maps app.

Avoid tolls using the Maps app on iPhone

Avoid Highways Using Apple Maps on iPhone

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