How to Backup and Restore IMEI / NVRAM Data on Android Device – Guide

IMEI stands for nothing but International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and consists of 15 decimal digits and is a unique identification number for GSM, UMTS and LTE devices. An IMEI number is useful for identifying valid devices and each phone comes with an IMEI number, printed on the back just below the battery. NVRAM – Non-Volatile Random Access Memory is a type of memory that stores data like WiFi and Bluetooth MAC address, baseband version, IMEI/MEID number and other important information, so losing or damaging it becomes a serious issue. . So if you are no stranger to getting root access, flashing custom recovery images like CWM or TWRP recovery, installing the latest custom ROMs, flashing custom kernels, overclocking your Android device, removing bloatware and not only, you know that during these procedures, a wipe is usually applied, and during the wipe, the IMEI and NVRAM data can also be erased. In that case, you will never get some pretty pictures of your birthday celebration, important information from a document or a contact number that you really need, not to mention that there are cases when your Android device is not included in Is it able to work on everything or when you finish up with a software bricked Android device.

IMEI NVRAM Data Backup

Restore IMEI NVRAM data

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