How to Backup Contacts on iPhone – Guide

Most of us lost our phone, damaged or stolen at some point. For some of us, this has happened more than once. Unfortunately, this is an inevitability in life. According to Consumer Reports, in 2015 alone the phones than two million people were robbed. lose your phone It’s a big inconvenience in itself. But if you lose all your contacts too, it can be a big disruption in your life. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ensure that if you lose your iPhone, you won’t lose all of your contacts with it.

To go back up Contacts on iPhone with iTunes

iTunes will create a complete backup for almost all the content on your iPhone as well as contacts. Here are the steps to backup iPhone contacts with iTunes:

Download and try the latest version of iTunes

Since iTunes error always happens and there is no reason, updating it to the new version would be better.

Run iTunes on your computer

Generally, iTunes can detect your iPhone as soon as you connect your iPhone to your computer. And now you should tap the device. There are some buttons you will see.

To go back up your iPhone

Tap on Summary, now you will see there are some options, just click Back Up Now that will start to come back up iPhone data and settings to the computer. It won’t take long to complete the data backup up on iPhone with iTunes. iTunes may come back up all things from your iPhone to computer, and it will renew iPhone backup once you connect and trust computer.

How to To go back up Contacts on iPhone without iTunes

iPhone users do not have access to check iTunes backup files. In other words they cannot verify which contacts they supported up. Also, when restoring iTunes backup, it will erase the existing content on your iPhone first. That is, after restoring your iPhone with iTunes backup, you may find that although contacts are recovered, some other iPhone files and data are lost. In this part, I would love to introduce 2 great iPhone contacts backup utilities.

PhoneTrans – The Most Trusted iPhone Contact Backup Tool

PhoneTrans is an excellent iPhone contacts backup tool that supports up iPhone contact selectively and completely within minutes. In addition to contacts, you can also return up photos, messages, call logs, etc. For its star featuresPhoneTrans is a phone switcher helper which can also transfer contacts from iPhone to any other phone with great ease. Let’s take a look how to back up contacts on iPhone with PhoneTrans.

AnyTrans – The best iPhone contact manager

Therefore, in this guide, we will introduce a third option to save contacts on iPhone with a powerful iOS data management tool – AnyTrans, which not only allows you to selectively return up iPhone contacts to computer in readable formats but also do not harm existing content when restoring backup. Seconds later, you will see that there is a completed Transfer that is not on the screen. This is what AnyTrans does to support up contacts on iPhone without iTunes. This one tutorial can also be applied to support up contacts on iPad/iPod touch. Furthermore, in addition to supporting up contacts, it also supports 20 other iOS data and file types, including Photos, Videos, Music, Messages, Notes, etc.

How to Backup Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

When it comes to support up iPhone contacts with iCloud, you have two options. One is creating a full backup of your iPhone with an iCloud account and the other is just syncing iPhone contacts with iCloud server. The detailed steps to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud are as follows.

Creating a Full Backup of Your iPhone with iCloud

Unlike iTunes, support up iPhone to iCloud is supporting up your iPhone contacts on Apple’s cloud server instead of keeping them on a computer hard drive. To backup your iPhone to iCloud, you just need to login to iCloud on your iPhone with simple steps. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Tap on your Apple ID part > Select iCloud > Select iCloud Backup > Tap on it to enable it if it is closed > Click Back Up Now. Then your contacts on iPhone will be backed up up to the iCloud server, as well as other iPhone content.

Syncing Contacts to iCloud with Wi-Fi

Sync iPhone contacts using iCloud means all your iPhone contacts will be protected up to an iCloud server, and all the contacts on your different devices connected under the same Apple ID will be merged into one iCloud and synced to all your iDevices. At the same time, contacts from other iDevices will also come to your iPhone. So if you want to keep your contacts independent and not merge with other iDevices, you need to log in to a different Apple ID on your iPhone. To go back up iPhone contacts syncing with iCloud, you just need to ensure that your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, then perform the below steps on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Click on your Apple ID part > Select iCloud > Tap on Contacts to activate it > Then wait for iPhone contacts to be backed up up for iCloud.

Final note

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