How to Backup Files to Cloud Storage – Guide

Cloud storage is a very different approach to support up to a hard drive or DVD archive. Your files are not in your own hands, you entrust them to another server for storage. Cloud storage has the immediate advantage of being much more secure than hard disk backups because your data is stored in a different location. This means they are not at risk of damage, theft or loss like a small hard drive. Most cloud storage providers store multiple copies of your files to protect them in case a single drive or server fails. They often also keep previous versions of their files, so you can restore a document to its original state before any unwanted changes are made. With cloud storage, all your valuable data – like photos, music and documents – is uploaded over the internet to a storage provider’s servers. Some of the most popular cloud storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. They offer a secure online alternative to support up data to a hard drive.

How to backup files to cloud storage

How to To go back Up Your computer to Google Drive

How to To go back Up Your computer to OneDrive

How to To go back Up a computer for Dropbox

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