How to beat Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring – Guide

Elden Ring is about to give you a little curveball. While you might be busy with the difficult bosses in the main story, the game has some of the more interesting fights hidden in its secret areas. An example of this is our boy Mohg, the Blood Lord, whom you’ve probably heard of but never met. Deep in the Siofra River is Mohgwyn Palace, which you should seek out if you want to challenge this version of Mohg. Mohg the Blood Lord is a completely optional boss in Elden Ring. You don’t need to defeat him to advance in any of the game’s endings. Mohg is also a demigod sharpener, which means your reward for defeating him will be a Great Rune. However, this particular Great Rune is for PvP players only, so his powers won’t be useful for most PvE players. However, if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find an unusual trick in this battle. We recommend leaving Mohg until the final of the game, either after defeating Godfrey himself or shortly before. Mohg’s fight really benefits from huge HP, so it’s best to try at character level 135-145, preferably with a fully upgraded weapon, then +22/+25.

How to defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Attack 1: Foot swing in running swing

One of Mohg’s most common moves: he takes a small step forward and swings from left to right. Shortly after, he raises the trident above his head with both hands and runs towards you for about two and a half seconds. Mohg then swings on himself and finishes from the left side. This attack has considerable delay as it is designed to punish bad timing. If you think the attack is about to be executed, it will likely take a quarter of a second longer.

Attack 2: Charging Strike

Mohg takes a few quick steps forward and slams his pitchfork. As with attack 1, the execution of the attack takes longer than it appears. Normally this is a mid-range solo attack, but Mohg can occasionally use it as a final combination.

Attack 3: Big Swing in Slam Combo

There are three variations of this combo in Mohg’s arsenal.

Attack 4: Blood Flame Burst

This “stay away from me” attack has Mohg quickly clawing at the air in front of him, leaving red lines of blood magic that quickly explode into a fireball. It requires precise timing to roll through this attack, but it’s best to circle around Mohg’s left side (his right side) and dodge behind him as the hit zone doesn’t reach that point.

Attack 5: Bloodflame Blast and Follow Up

Mohg creates sparks with his left hand and then attacks again, creating a larger explosion. This attack is easier to dodge than the quick version, as you have more time to move around his back. The problem is, right after the explosion, Mohg delivers a big blow with his trident. This swing covers about 270 degrees around him and does a lot of damage when it hits. Regardless of which direction you choose, however, it’s easy to avoid.

Attack 6: Stab

Just as advertised, Mohg quickly pulls his trident behind him and then runs straight at you with the three pegs. This attack has a much greater range than you might expect, but if you roll to the side at the right moment, you can completely dodge it.

Attack 7: Blood Rain

Mohg reaches a portal above his head and draws a local shower of fiery blood. The falling blood causes damage and sustained blood loss, leaving pools of blood flames burning on the ground for a short time. When touched, the puddles do minor damage and increase blood loss. You can dodge both of them by going directly behind Mohg’s back and attacking from there, but if you move a little to the side, the attack will catch you at least once.

Attack 8: Blood Throw

Once again, Mohg reaches a blood portal and throws the blood at you in one of two patterns. If he holds his free hand to the side, he throws the blood in a wide arc. If he holds his hand above his head, he throws it in a long line. Both do damage and cause sustained blood loss. Dodge through the arch and to the side of the line.

Attack 9: Tres, Duo, Unus

During these transitional attacks, Mohg raises his trident in a portal above his head and counts down to three in Latin. For each number before zero (nihil), he places a blood red seal around it, forming three concentric rings. Mohg also does a small sweep forward and to the right, leaving his left side, or the right side if you’re facing him.

Attack 10: Nihil

In “Nihil”, Mohg summons more of his power and the entire arena turns red. He will say “Nihil” three times, each time absorbing about half of his health and healing himself. There are two ways to deal with this attack. The first is to absorb all three hits and heal between hits. Since this attack occurs at around 50% of Mogg’s health, he will start the second phase at nearly 80%. The only way to be spared from Nihil is to use the Purifying Crystal Tear on the Miraculous Healing Vial. Travel to the Second Church of Marika on the Altus Plateau after reaching the top of the Giants’ Mountain, or during the questline of Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers. An NPC named Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger, will enter and, when defeated, will bring down the Loom. Make sure you drink the vial just before Nihil starts, and the barrier he creates will cancel out Mohg’s blood magic.

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