How to Become an Azure Developer – Guide

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing service that involves multiple levels of application development. An Azure developer is someone who builds cloud-based applications while taking advantage of the cloud architecture. If you have experience in testing, security, development, and deployment, a career in Azure development is for you. It makes perfect sense to educate yourself in a specific direction when the market shows high job potential for the skills needed. This is the demand of Azure developers today. It is predicted that 80% of companies will shift their workload to the cloud by 2025, making it an important career to consider transitioning. Azure developers perform complex and detailed analysis of software components and systems. They guarantee the structure and implementation of the technical documentation. You will also perform unit and integration testing and support the transition and deployment of software components for complex projects. These professional developers assist other teams with software development and business related tasks. They write code, run tests, and evaluate alternative measures before solving technical problems and making recommendations on how to solve them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for software developers in 2020 was $110,140 per year. Job prospects for this group between 2019 and 2029 are projected at 22%, nearly five times faster than the average for all other careers.

How to Become an Azure developer

Where upskilling fits in

Perhaps you already have experience and skills working with cloud computing platforms and just need to refine and focus on a specific platform, in this case Azure. That’s why continuing education is the best idea. The term “upskilling” is just a fancy way of saying “teach additional skills to an existing employee”. Most of the time, companies invest in training programs for their employees because new products or technologies are launched and they are looking for in-house employees who can handle the new acquisitions. If your company already uses a cloud computing platform but is considering migrating to MS Azure, the training ensures you move with your company and saves your employer from having to look for an outside candidate to take the helm. The scenario isn’t too far-fetched, as Azure is an increasingly attractive option for developers.

What skill sets do you need

There are certain skills and knowledge areas that you must have locked down if you want to become an Azure developer. To start with, there are three basic basic skills that should serve as a good foundation, a solid starting point. Firstly, as you are working with a Microsoft product, you should have knowledge of MS products like Powershell and Office 365 as applications like these integrate with Azure. Second, if you intend to develop applications on Azure, you need programming experience, particularly in languages ​​such as JavaScript, SQL Server, and HTML5. After all, knowledge of cloud computing is an absolute must! If you haven’t used Azure in the past but have experience with AWS or Google Cloud, this helps. You must understand how databases, servers, networks, and networks work in a cloud environment. With these three fundamental skills in hand, you need to move on to more specific skills that are of particular value when designing software in the cloud, especially when using Azure.

Certification Benefits

Azure certification sets you apart from the IT pro crowd. The certification demonstrates to a potential employer that you have the skills needed to function specifically in the Azure cloud environment. Many companies will openly say that they want certified developers, as opposed to candidates who only have a vaguely defined experience developing on cloud platforms. While there are more job openings in this space than ever before, companies can and will be selective about who they bring on board. The certification provides tangible evidence of your mastery of Azure development skills. It’s your foot in the door.

Final note

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