The only things limiting your smartphone’s productivity are the apps you install and your internet connection. With a little imagination and a few simple tools, you can turn your smartphone into a potent productivity tool. We have mentioned ways below to Better Utilize New Phone.

Ways to Better Utilise New Phone

Chat Bubbles

It could be difficult to keep up with all the messages that you’re receiving from friends, acquaintances, and well-wishers. Do not fret, since Android version 11 supports Chat Bubbles. Earlier versions were supposed to get this functionality, but it was postponed. The general idea is that, as opposed to having everything in the notification shade, chat apps can pop up little bubbles for each chat thread.

Digital Wellbeing

Android provides certain capabilities to help you avoid using your phone for excessive amounts of time. The Digital Wellbeing suite (Android 9 and later) provides strategies to avoid this by showing you which apps you’ve been using for how long and what you’ve been using them for. The settings menu allows you to set a time limit for any apps you want to limit the amount of time you use.

Get Some Accessories

Smartphones have never really been focused on phone accessories. Yes, you can purchase a stylish case or protective cover, but this is frequently insufficient to pique people’s interest. But times have evolved. There are a tone of amazing phone accessories available that can completely change your smartphone, and the majority of them will be able to release the hidden potential of your new device.

Have Some Fun

It’s time to have some fun now that the practical aspect has been covered. If you enjoy gaming, there are countless possibilities available on smartphones, so you will never run out of options. One of the main benefits of mobile phones is the ability to look up something like an ultimate new casino guide for players and then jump into an online casino on a whim, and this is where they manage to outperform most other gaming devices on the market.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Better Utilize New Phone. It’s exciting to get a new smartphone, especially if it’s been a while since your last upgrade. It can be tempting to jump right into using all of the exciting new features on your new device, which likely has a bigger screen and frequently takes better pictures.

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