How to Block JavaScript on Your iPhone or Android – Guide

Much of the modern web would be very different if it weren’t for JavaScript, the programming language that allows interactive elements to be added to your favorite websites. Features like chat boxes, audio and video players, and infinite scrolling are just a few examples of what JavaScript has added to our lives.

When should you disable JavaScript?

Not everyone wants to run websites with JavaScript enabled. the dark side of these features it’s additional tracking, auto-playing videos, many annoyances that change scrolling behavior, and much more. By disabling JavaScript, you can disable infinite scrolling on most sites, which is a big deal if you’re trying to reduce screen time. Other benefits of disabling JavaScript include reduced tracking, ad blocking, and bypassing paywalls so you can read articles online for free. Even if you want to disable JavaScript, your options are limited because most websites rely heavily on it. Some sites might crash completely, while others might revert to basic HTML, like Gmail does when your Internet connection is slow. we already covered how to disable JavaScript in desktop browsers and now it’s time to take a look at doing the same thing in mobile. Before we start, we should inform you that many mobile browsers do not allow you to block JavaScript. For example, Firefox on Android or iPhone doesn’t have this feature. That said, the two most popular browsers on iPhone and Android – Safari and Google Chrome – allow you to disable JavaScript, so here it is how to Knife.

How to disable JavaScript in Safari on iPhone

To disable JavaScript in Safari, open Settings on your iPhone. Then navigate to Safari > Advanced and disable JavaScript. Now you can open Safari and see if your favorite websites work without interruption. If you’re not satisfied with what you found, go back to Safari’s settings and re-enable Safari.

How to disable JavaScript in Chrome on Android

If you’re using Chrome on Android, open your browser and tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. You can then go to Settings > Site Settings > JavaScript. Please disable JavaScript here to get rid of it in Google Chrome on Android. On the same page, you can tap Add site exception, enter the URL, and click Add to allow JavaScript to run on specific sites. Unfortunately, Chrome on the iPhone doesn’t allow you to disable JavaScript.

Final note

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