How to Block/Unblock Someone on Google Drive – Guide

When it comes to sharing, Google Drive is a very user-friendly platform as you can share files with anyone. But this friendliness also comes with a hidden price, as it paves the way for spammers to reach everyone, effectively sharing malicious files and abusive content. Google is trying to avoid all this by introducing blocking feature on Google Drive. with the block feature, you can prevent an unknown person from trying to share files with you. Also, blocking a person will delete all files shared by that person. Additionally, the person will also be denied access to files you previously shared. The ability to easily share files and folders with Google Drive makes it one of the best cloud storage platforms available online. but that a lot feature it also attracts all kinds of spam, malware and phishing attempts. Scammers Can Use Google Drive Sharing feature to send malicious files that automatically appear in your Google Drive. Below, we’ll take a look at How to put an end to this problem.

How to Block and Unblock Someone on Google Drive

How to block people on google drive

How to unblock someone from google drive

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