How to Block Websites in Edge Browser for Windows 11/10 PC – Guide

Some websites on the internet can be very intimidating and contain content that is not suitable for children. Therefore, most people restrict their children’s access to the Internet while some intelligently block certain websites to stop them. If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you won’t find an option to block a website to prevent access to it. So most Microsoft Edge users are curious enough to know how to block website in Microsoft Edge. Many browsers used to be completely useless when it comes to privacy. But things changed over time and safe surfing became possible. Microsoft Edge has not yet introduced a built-in feature specifically to block websites. Still, there is a workaround to block websites in the browser using its command prompt. This is it trick works not just for Edge but for all web browsers absolutely free. There was no alternative to attaching extensions to Microsoft Edge, but the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium lets you combine extensions. Learn how to block websites with the Website Blocker extension.

How to block websites in Microsoft Edge using command prompt

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