How to block your phone from interrupting you – Guide

You simply want to do some work – that budget sheet, your novel or even take a nap – but your smartphone keeps distracting you with notifications, texts and the lure of social media. Sure, the Do Not Disturb setting can help you get some peace and quiet when you need it, but the latest versions of Android and Apple’s new iOS 15 provide a more flexible focus mode with extra focus features. Here is a simple instruction to help you out.

find your focus

On Android 12, look for the Digital Wellness icon2 in your app drawer. If you don’t see it, open the Settings icon and select Digital wellness and parental controls; you can also download the app. For the hands-free approach, just say “OK Google, open the Digital Wellness settings”. On an Apple device with iOS 15, open the Settings icon and scroll to Focus; saying, “Hey Siri, open my settings” works too. In the hover screen, you’ll see that the old Do Not Disturb setting has changed, and you have a button to share your settings with other Apple devices, including Macs.

block interruptions

On the Android Digital Wellness screen, tap Focus Mode. Choose the Set a schedule option to lock the timeout you need on your phone. From the “Your apps that distract” list, select the programs you’d like to disable when Focus Mode is turned on. (The Manage Notifications controls in the Digital Wellness settings let you decide which types of alerts you want to get first.) To temporarily silence most calls, go back to the main Digital Wellness screen and select Do Not Disturb. Tap the People option and choose the allowed contacts to bother you when you have Do Not Disturb turned on; you can do the same for apps and turn off alarms. (Some Android phones has a Flip to Shhh setting, which puts your phone straight to Do Not Disturb mode by placing it with the screen facing down.) iOS 15 Focus settings provide various scenarios (Work, Personal, and so on) to configure and customize based on your situation. Tap a category and select the apps and people who can interrupt it; contacts can see the Focus status displayed in the Messaging app. You can set a timed schedule for each focus category or automatically activate it by location; for example, your “Home“Focus settings pause your Slack notifications and work email when you arrive at your apartment. (If you are working on home, use the programming timer.) Tap the plus icon on the main Focus screen to set up even more situations, such as when you want uninterrupted reading time; you can even activate Reading Focus when opening your eBook app. If you don’t want to automate things, you can always swipe down to the Control Center screen and tap Focus to hide or escape the world.

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