How to Block YouTube on Your Kid’s iPhone or iPad – Guide

Kids these days spend hours on YouTube, which isn’t always good. To restrict this, you can block YouTube on your iPhone and iPad. Once this is done, your child will not be able to access it through the app or browser. Below, we’ll show you all the ways to block YouTube on an iPhone or iPad. But before you do that, it’s worth knowing that Google has a YouTube Kids app. You might want to give it a try; it will only show videos for children. However, if your child is old enough to download and use regular YouTube, which you don’t want, here it is. how to block it.

1. Restrict YouTube on an iPhone using screen time

Screen time is a powerful feature which offers multiple locking options, including parental controls. If you haven’t enabled, be sure to set up Screen time on your child’s iPhone or iPad first. Done that, here it is how to use Screen Time to lock YouTube on an iPhone and iPad: If the YouTube app is already installed on the iPhone, it will disappear and become inaccessible. If not installed, the App Store will not allow anyone to download due to these restrictions. The downside of this method is that, along with YouTube, it also hides all other apps rated 17 or higher. However, if your focus is on keeping children away from inappropriate content, this restriction may be reasonable. Whenever you want to unblock YouTube, follow the same steps as above, but in step 4 choose 17+ or Allow all apps.

2. Remove the YouTube app and block new app installations

Another method of blocking YouTube is to delete your app from your child’s iPhone or iPad and then restrict the installation of new apps. The main benefit of using this method over the first one is that you can download and maintain apps of any rating. Once you find all the apps you need are there, you can get rid of the YouTube app and avoid new app installs. Here it is how to remove YouTube app for iPhone or iPad and block download again: After doing this, the App Store will disappear and become inaccessible on the device. Thus, you or your child cannot download new apps. To reverse this, follow the same steps as above, but choose Allow in step 4.

3. Block YouTube in Safari and other iPhone browsers

You can block the YouTube app using the above two methods. But a smart kid can figure this out and use Safari or any other browser to access it. Here it is how to block YouTube in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers on an iPhone or iPad: From now on, your child cannot access YouTube from within Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any other iOS or iPadOS browser. When they visit YouTube, they will see a notification explaining that the site is restricted. Tapping Allow Website prompts for the Screen Time password. Note that you lose the option to use Private Guides in Safari after limiting adult sites. To enable YouTube, follow the same steps as above, but swipe left on YouTube and tap Delete. Please share this article if you like it!

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