How to “Bookmark” a Folder in Finder on MacBook – Guide

Finder is always the primary way to interact with your files and folders, no matter what version of macOS you’re using. In addition, Finder includes many options for organizing your data, both manually and automatically. But what if you want to bookmark a folder in your Mac’s Finder? There is one method to do this (three, to be exact), and we’ll show you how in the section below.

How to Knife

1. Add a folder to “Favorites” in the macOS Finder sidebar

If you want quick access to a specific folder, perhaps the smartest way is to put it in the Finder sidebar (among your favorite locations). That way, you won’t see that folder all the time, but you’ll always be just a second away from it. Here’s what you need to do.

2: Add a folder to the macOS Dock

Next, we have another method for tagging a folder on a Mac. This time, we’re going to make it visible on your screen at all times and use the macOS Dock for that purpose. Keep in mind that folders placed in the Dock behave a little differently. After clicking on any folder in the Dock, you will first see a preview of its contents. To open this folder in Finder, right-click and select “Open” or single-click and select “Open in Finder”. In addition, we have another tip. To remove the shortcut you just created, drag and drop that folder onto the Trash icon. This action will only remove the shortcut and not the folder itself.

3. Create a folder alias

And lastly, there is a third method of tagging any folder on your Mac and it involves creating an “alias”.

Final note

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