How to Boot Safe Mode in Windows 11 – Guide

Booting Windows 11 in Safe Mode is a useful tool for users who are experiencing regular issues with their machine and want to diagnose issues that cause the machine to malfunction, give error messages, or run abnormally. can help. Does safe mode allow users to boot their machines with a streamlined experience, while disabling certain programs and drivers, and essentially provides a better experience for those who want to find out what’s wrong with their computer? There are three different security modes. One has all the stripped down features but enables networking for when users still need to access the web. It’s not ideal, as it can still allow hackers to see and, in some cases, control a user’s PC through a network connection. There is also a safe mode that relies more on Command Prompt, the most basic version of Windows 11 which disables the user interface (UI) and the computer is navigated using command lines not for the uninitiated.

How to Boot to Safe Mode in Windows 11

Using the Start Menu

Using the settings app

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