Google Pay is an online payment system owned by Google. It is also a kind of digital wallet that allows online, in-person and in-app purchases. It is only available to people who own Android phones, tablets or watches. This service was formerly known as Android Pay, but was merged with Google Wallet to create a unified app called Google Pay.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin Through Google Pay

Create an account with a platform that supports Google Pay: You may need to present a photo ID to complete the KYC process. A regulated and reputable platform is the safest place to buy Bitcoin Make a deposit using Google Pay: Once you’ve set up Google Pay, go to the deposit page for your chosen platform. Select Google Pay as your payment method and specify how much you want to deposit to fund your account. Buy Bitcoin: Find the trading pair for BTC and your newly deposited currency. Create a limit order to set a future price to buy bitcoin, or use a market order to buy immediately. Now just enter how much you want and click “Buy”.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Buy Bitcoin Through Google Pay. Google Pay is becoming more and more popular as a payment method, and now you can use it for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. A service that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies and also accepts Google Pay as a payment method. In a broader sense, a Bitcoin broker is a platform that acts as a middleman to execute Bitcoin trades for you. If you already have your credit and/or debit card linked to Google Pay, a Google Pay broker can be a quick and easy way to transfer funds to your account.

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