Starz has been around for some time. When it was first released in 1994, Starz was known as STARZ! famous. Back then, Starz was a cable service that streamed current movies. In fact, the first two films to air on the network were The Crying Game and Scent of a Woman, both released in 1992. Although Starz is now owned by Lionsgate, Starz was previously owned by Encore Media Group. As cable provider TCI owned 50.1% of Starz when it launched, network availability was limited to systems operated by TCI. Of course, a lot has changed since the release of Starz. Today it offers premium satellite and cable TV. Starz customers enjoy on demand features and 24-hour streaming services. That means lots of rotating TV shows, movies, new releases and Starz exclusives. Recently, Starz took a bold step and acquired one of my all-time favorites, Outlander. What was once available on Netflix, Outlander is now exclusive to Starz. While this initially ruffled some feathers when it was announced, Outlander fans came to terms with the change and signed up for Starz’s affordable streaming service.

Final note