How to Cancel Subscription of Apple Music – Guide

Since its launch in June 2015, Apple Music has become a popular music streaming service among Apple fans. The service lets you stream over 70 million songs, listen to playlists created by music experts and tune in to Apple Music 1 radio station 24/7 to listen to music chosen by DJs around the world. You can listen to Apple Music on Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Android device, latest Apple TVs and on the web. Apple offers a three-month free trial, and Verizon customers with an Unlimited plan can even get a six-month free subscription. This all sounds cool, but what if Apple Music isn’t everything you wanted? Maybe it’s too expensive, or maybe you’re not listening enough to justify the expense. Maybe another music streaming service stole your heart, ears and budget. Whatever the reason, you want to cancel your membership. If you cancel your free trial, it will end immediately. However, a paid subscription is valid until the final of your current billing cycle. You can also choose to resubscribe if you change your mind, but your new subscription will start at the beginning of your next billing cycle. Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services in the United States, so it’s no surprise if you’re a subscriber. After all, Apple makes Apple Music available even on Android devices.

How to Cancel your Apple Music subscription on iPhone or iPad

Cancel your Apple Music subscription on Apple Watch

How to Cancel your Apple Music subscription on Mac

How to Unsubscribe from Apple Music on Apple TV

If you have a 4th generation or later Apple TV (HD and 4K), you can use it to cancel your subscriptions. On Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier, you cannot do this and need to use an iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Unsubscribe from Apple Music on Android Phone

How to Unsubscribe from Apple Music Using iTunes on Windows PC

The steps to cancel a subscription via PC are almost the same as for iTunes on Mac.

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