How to Capture a Screenshot on a Mac – Guide

Screenshots are helpful. You can use them to teach your grandparents how to use a new app. You can use them to send a recording of this strange error message to your company’s IT department. You can use them to capture tweets before they disappear into the black hole of deletion. Each of the major operating systems – Windows, macOS, Android and iOS – offers one or more ways to take screenshots. If you only need to take screenshots on Mac occasionally, you’re a power user with an advanced workflow. We will see the keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks, advanced options and customization. With macOS Mojave and later, Macs have a hidden screenshot app with advanced controls like a timer, save as target selection, show/hide mouse cursor, remember last selection, screen recording controls, and a lot more. Screenshots are saved to the desktop by default, although you can change where screenshots are saved. Typically, your screenshot will be saved as a .png file, which you can open in Preview or a similar image viewer, and then save with a different file type extension.

How to screenshot a selection of your screen on Mac

How to screenshot of a specific window on Mac

How to screenshot full screen on Mac

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