How to cast from MacBook to TV – Guide

Google Chromecast is a handy little device: cheap, easy to set up up, and capable of streaming content from a variety of sources. Most use Chromecast on a phone or tablet, but to take advantage of the device’s versatility. With more and more people watching their movies and TV shows through a streaming service these days, the line between computers and televisions is becoming increasingly blurred. But even if you’re watching a show on Netflix, your flat-screen TV will likely provide a better viewing experience than the computer you use to go online. By connecting a Mac to a TV, you can access the World Wide Web on a much larger screen. Using a TV with a Mac can also provide a second monitor, making work or play more productive and enjoyable. And in many cases you can even connect two external monitors or televisions at the same time. To check your Mac’s compatibility with external display hardware, click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and click About This Mac. Click “Support” in the pop-up and click “Specifications” in the next window. First things first: there is no Google Chromecast app for macOS or Windows. Instead, desktop users just need to have Google Chrome installed to cast Mac to TV.

How to Mac Chromecast

Before starting, make sure you have already set up your Chromecast. Then follow these instructions to get started with your Mac computer.

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