How to Center Windows 10 Taskbar Icons – Guide

The Windows taskbar is a great way to access your essential programs and services like Bluetooth. By default, Windows 10 places the most important icons on the right side of the taskbar, while the center offers all the space to pin program icons. If you only have a few to pin, you can center them on the taskbar for a more aesthetic look. There aren’t many reasons why you should move your quick access icons to the center of the taskbar. The main reason is aesthetics, which makes Windows 10 look a little cleaner. In fact, Microsoft so agrees with this opinion that the default position of the Start menu and taskbar icon in Windows 11 is center. But some people also value aesthetics beyond just having a powerful computer to launch feature-rich programs. Also, if you regularly switch between Mac and Windows, you’ll also get some consistency in the location of your taskbar (or Dock-in-Mac) icons. When Microsoft decided to remove Start button from the taskbar in Windows 8, there was a real reaction. But there is something even more important to Windows than Start button. that’s where it starts button It’s. The taskbar is not only an integral part, but also one of the most customizable parts of the Windows desktop. While it doesn’t officially allow medium icons, you can even get medium taskbar icons in Windows 10 with a simple trick.

How to Center Taskbar Icons in Windows 10

Create a toolbar

You need to create a dummy folder somewhere on your hard drive, say D:Emp for example. However, the name and location of the folder are not important.

Use TaskDock

For people not so tech-savvy, Taskdock is another free utility that does something similar to what Falcon10 does. Gives the taskbar a little more of a docked feel. This small application rearranges the taskbar application area by centering the toolbar. This app does not include any configuration settings. It only requires a double click to activate its function. If you want to exit the setup, just right-click on the green circle-shaped icon located in the system tray. Right click and it will bring up an option to exit the application.

Using the X Taskbar

You can also align icons to the center of the taskbar using TaskbarX aka Falcon10 aka FalconX which is a free program designed to center all icons on the taskbar including pinned icons as well. After installing and running the program, it adds its icon to the system tray. Just double-click the icon to open the settings. A box will show the list of settings. You need to choose and check the Center Taskbar Icon option.

Use the Center Taskbar

Center Taskbar is another free tool that will help you center your taskbar icons. get it from GitHub.

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