How to Change a User Account to Administrator on Windows 11 PC – Guide

In this article, we will show you how to change the administrator on your Windows 11 computer. With our guide, you can assign administrative privileges to any user on a Windows 11 PC, so they can make the same changes as you. We also inform you about all the important things to consider before granting admin privileges to a standard user account. There are several types of users in Windows, each with different permissions. Of all the available groups, the Administrators group has the most privileges. To make certain changes to your PC, you sometimes need maximum rights. But what if you want to change your current account settings and give him additional permissions? This is possible in Windows 11 and the process is not much different from becoming an administrator in Windows 10. Administrator is a type of user who has full and unrestricted access to the PC. This account can access system files, create new users, remove users, change account passwords, and install new software.

How to change Administrator in Windows 11 in Settings app

How to change an account to Administrator or Default in Control Panel in Windows 11

How to set an account as administrator in windows 11

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