How to Change Administrator in Windows 11 – Guide

let us see how to change default user account type to admin in 5 different ways in Windows 11. Many apps require admin permission to run properly. If you use a computer without administrator access to an account, some applications and games will not work and you will need to enter the administrator password in the User Account Control (UAC) Utility to run these programs as an administrator. If a family member or friend is using your computer and you want to grant admin access to their account so that they have full system access, you can easily change their account to an admin account in Windows 11. This article explains how to change account type from Standard User to Administrator in Windows 11 using Settings, Control Panel, User Accounts, PowerShell and Command Prompt.

How to Change Administrator in Windows 11

Change an account to administrator through Windows settings

Change Windows 11 Administrator through User Accounts

Change Administrator in Windows 11 via Control Panel

How to change admin user in Windows 11 using Control Panel? It’s very easy and just follow the instructions below.

Make a user an administrator via command prompt

Change Administrator in Windows 11 via PowerShell

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