How to Change Bluetooth Name on Android Device – Guide

Your Android device name works as the hostname while connecting to other devices via WiFi. A custom device name for WiFi, hotspot or Bluetooth connection makes it easy to recognize a device in the list of other connected devices. By default, all Android devices have a generic name, so it’s a good idea to give your device a unique name. How to change device name on android for wired and wireless connections. Also, we will see how we can change the device name in the Google Play Store. Changing the device name will automatically change the names of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot connections. However, you can set a name for your Android device and a different Bluetooth name and hotspot name. After assigning a custom name to your device, you can easily identify it from the list of available wireless networks and Bluetooth devices. Fortunately, changing the device name isn’t as complicated as disabling response on Android devices.

How do I change my Bluetooth name

Editing the Bluetooth name solves the problem of now knowing which device you are connecting to via Bluetooth. if you have several phones or tablets with the same name, or you’re never sure you’re selecting the right device, renaming the Bluetooth connection can help.

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