How To Change Chat Voice On PUBG Mobile – Guide

This is a step-by-step article on how to change voice in BGMI Quick Chat. You will also learn how to change the language in the BGMI quick chat message. Many gamers use BGMI language changer app to change voice pack in BGMI which is never a good idea. That’s because there are already some default language packs in BGMI that you can use to change the language in BGMI language for quick chat with teammates. The good thing about BGMI language packs is that they are customizable and there are more of them including Indian regional languages. The number of voices can be further customized with some UCs. But in this article we will only talk about free techniques without violating any game rules with real methods assigned by the game developer.

How to Change voice commands in PUBG Mobile

There are three main ways to change your PUBG Mobile voice commands: The first two options can go hand in hand as they are available from the same menu. Overall, these options are more than enough to provide a decent level of customization and optimize your PUBG experience. If you want to move some predefined commands or use other talkers, you will have to do the following:

Final note

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