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Tabs are an essential part of Google Chrome. We often deny its importance, but without the easy ways to manage and manage tabs, our online lives would have been so difficult. We use them daily, and sometimes their appearance can get boring. So why not change the look of Chrome tabs to our preference? Yes, you can add color to Chrome tabs. We will show you how to change the color of the tab bar in the Chrome browser. By customizing tabs in Chrome, you can easily identify, organize, and increase the visibility of the active tab. There are three methods to change the color of tabs in Chrome. While the former two use the help of Chrome themes, the latter uses tab groups. Here’s our guide with three methods to change tab color in Chrome.

1. Use Chrome themes to change the tab color

Themes help you customize the look of Chrome to your liking. When you change Chrome’s theme, the Chrome toolbar or top bar will change color. That includes the color of your tabs, search bar (address bar) and bookmarks bar (if active). Changing themes also affects the appearance of the New Tab page in Chrome. Having a lot of tabs open will make it difficult to identify the active tab. The default Chrome colors don’t help much, as the color difference is negligible. That’s where themes can help. Applying a different Chrome theme helps change the color of the active tab. Note: Chrome themes are synced between your connected devices. Know what else can be synced in Chrome. Here are the steps to change your Chrome theme: Step 1: Launch Chrome and click the three-dot icon at the top. Choose Settings from the menu.

Step 2: In Settings, scroll down to the Appearance section. Click on Themes.

Step 3: The browser will take you to the Chrome theme store. Google offers several cool themes of its own. You can find them at the beginning of the Theme store. But if you don’t like their collection, you can choose a different theme by scrolling down. Click on the theme you want to enable.

Step 4: On the theme page, click Add to Chrome.

Wait for Chrome to install the theme. When the theme is installed and activated, the color of your tabs will change.

To switch to a different theme, go to Chrome Settings> Themes. The browser will take you to your existing theme page. Click the Themes link at the top to view other themes. Click on another theme and click Add to Chrome button to apply a different theme.

To revert to the original Chrome theme, open Chrome settings. Click on ‘Restore Default Settings’ next to Themes.

2. Create a custom Chrome theme to change the tab color

If you don’t like the themes available in the Chrome store, you will get more color options. You can even create your theme color combination so you can change the tab color. Open a new tab to create a custom theme in Chrome. Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + T (Windows) and Command + T (macOS) to quickly open a new tab. Make sure no extension is active for the New Tab page. Click the edit icon (looks like a pencil) in the lower right corner.

On the pop-up that opens, go to Color and theme. Select the color combination from the available list. To choose your colors, click on the first color icon with a color picker symbol. Then choose a color. Click Done to save the changes.

Tip You can mix and match background and colors from different themes. Click Background and choose a new image for the New Tab page without changing the theme colors. You can even use any image on your computer as a Chrome background.

3. Change the tab color using tab groups

Adding a colored accent is another stylish way to make your tabs stand out. You will see a colored line under your tabs. If you want to organize tabs by changing their color, this method using tab groups would be useful. Recently introduced by Google, Tab Groups help you group tabs based on their nature, use, priority, etc. The grouping must be done manually by the user. You can assign a color to tabs under the same group. For example, different groups can have different colors.

To create a tab group, right-click on the tab in the top bar. Choose Add to new group.

A gray dot appears on the left side of the tab. Click on it to name and color the tab group.

To add tabs to an existing group, drag them into the group or right-click them and choose Add to Existing Group. Likewise, you can remove a tab from a group by dragging it out or choose Remove from group by right-clicking it.

Improve the tabs usage experience in Chrome

You can increase your productivity in Chrome by using tabs in the best possible ways. For example, if your browser crashes, you can restore your tabs after a restart. And if you prefer, you can save your tab collection before closing Chrome. How do you manage tabs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. The next up: Discover the hidden features tips, and tricks related to tabs in Google Chrome from the following link.

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