How to change crosshair in BGMI – Guide

Finally, the PUBG game has returned to India with a new name and mystery theme unique to this country. The Indian version of PUBG is known as BGMI, which is short for Battleground. Mobile India. The game has already been made available on Google Play Store and players can easily download the game for free. This new version of PUBG includes many things similar to the old version like those features are called Global Edition feature which remains the same in most cases. In addition, the developers have also made some relevant changes to comply with the rules of the Government of India. For example, the color that was previously used for hits was red, but has now been changed to green. There’s even a virtual game reminder that players set for their convincing time to play, which just works as an alarm and of course much more. features have been added that Players will find it very interesting to both experiment and explore. There is even an option to change the color of the hit as per the players’ choice through the settings. But the red color has been removed from the options. The same applies to changing the crosshair color in BGMI. Well, by now you must have understood that this entire article will be about changing crosshairs in Battlegrounds. Mobile India (BGMI). So, if you want to know this process in a very easy way, which can be easily followed without complicated steps, then read this article until the end. final. Now, many of you will have some basic questions in mind, so let me clear up these questions from the article first.

How to change crosshairs in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

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