How to Change Default Apps in Windows 10 – Guide

When you open a file on your computer, it launches in the application set as the default program. A text file opens in Notepad or WordPad; a photo can be previewed in Preview or Photos; a song can be played in Windows Media Player or Apple’s Music application. Click on a hyperlink and the webpage will open in Microsoft Edge or Safari. However, you can change the default app if you have an alternative in mind. Text files can be opened in word processors like Word or Pages, a photo can be viewed in Adobe Photoshop, music can be played in third party applications like VLC Media Player and web pages can be opened in Chrome, Firefox or other browser. If you’ve never thought of standard programs before, the concept is pretty simple. Windows maintains a list of apps that are always used to open certain types of media or links. These are called standard programs. For example, if you double-click an MP4 file, Windows will open it in your default video player. By default this is the Movies & TV app, but you can change it to another player with more features. If you want to open a file with an application other than the default one, right-click the file and choose “Open With” to select a different application. Below are the steps to change default apps in Windows 10.

How to change default apps in windows 10

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