After receiving a lot of criticism, Microsoft has modified the way Internet browsers are handled in Windows 11, making it much simpler to change your default browser. A similar change also occurred with the procedure for changing the default email application in Windows 11. Mozilla Firefox’s attempt to force the change was likely the cause of this adjustment. It is absurdly challenging to change the default Windows 11 browser from Edge to another option like Chrome or Firefox. However, as Microsoft has already made improvements to the procedure for establishing a default browser in Windows 11 Preview versions, this is expected to change soon. We have mentioned below the steps to change the default email app in Windows 11.

Steps to Change Default Mail App in Windows 11

Final Words

Windows 11’s built-in email client isn’t as feature-rich isn’t as easy to use as the third-party options, but switching to Outlook, Thunderbird or any other application is very simple. In place of Windows’ built-in e-mail software, there are a variety of well-known e-mail clients available. For those who love Google’s webmail service, there are other options available such as Mailbird, eM Client, Windows Mail, The Bat and even Kiwi for Gmail. We hope that our article on “How to Changing the Default Email App in Windows 11” will certainly help you to do that.

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