How to Change Default Font in Google Slides – Guide

If you want more font options, click More fonts. Another way to find more fonts is to install an add-on called Extensis Fonts. We have written a detailed article about installing new fonts on our website. The main benefit of changing the default font in Google Docs is that it saves you time and effort. Each time you create a new document, the text in that document is formatted in the new default style. This means you don’t have to spend time or effort changing the default settings for each document. Arial is suitable for most of the professional use cases that Google Docs is typically used for, such as writing letters, making to-do lists, or creating policy documents. But for some use cases, Arial might not be the best font as it might look a bit drab and ordinary. Google Docs offers several font style options. Some examples are Cambria, Roboto and Times New Roman. You can find all these fonts and more by clicking on the font option in the toolbar.

How to Change the default font in Google Docs: step by step Guide

How to reset default font in Google Docs?

If you want to reset the default font to the original Google Docs font, follow these steps:

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