How to Change Desktop background on Windows 11 PC – Guide

Windows 11 offers new and improved visual aesthetics and usability. Windows 11 also comes with a collection of new wallpapers and themes. When you first log in, it starts with a new default wallpaper – a blue abstract flower shape that pays homage to Windows 10’s royal blue color scheme. As beautiful as the new default wallpapers are, you can’t looking at the same wallpapers forever, at some point you will want to change your desktop wallpaper to one you like. However, changing the wallpaper in Windows 11 makes your computer or device truly unique. And you see Windows 11 desktop wallpaper a lot, so it’s important to choose something you like. Windows 11 lets you set custom wallpaper, solid color or slideshow for your desktop background. There are several easy ways to change the desktop background in Windows 11. Alternatively, you can access the “Personalization” settings directly from the desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the option “Custom” in the context menu.

How to change Windows 11 desktop background using right click menu

if you want to know how to change background in windows 11 asap, the answer is contextual or right click menu. First, find the image you want to use on your computer or device and right-click or long-press on it. Then click or tap “Set as desktop background” in the context menu.

How to change desktop background in Windows 11 using File Explorer

For another quick method, open File Explorer and use it to navigate to the image you want to set as your Windows 11 background. Select the image by clicking or tapping on it and press the “Set as Background” button button that appears in the toolbar at the top. These two methods are great for quickly changing your wallpaper in Windows 11. However, the Settings app has more advanced options, as you can learn in the following chapters.

How to change wallpaper in windows 11 by setting a new theme

A theme is a collection of settings that change visual and sound aspects when applied to your operating system. Some of the Windows 11 themes include lots of beautiful wallpapers. If you want your desktop background to be set to a theme you like, open the Settings app and go to Personalization. You can see some of the available themes displayed at the top under “Select a theme to apply”. Click or tap on any of them to try them out.

How to change Windows 11 background using Settings app

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