How To Change DPI Density On Android Device – Guide

Android is an operating system with perfect possibilities. What I’ve noticed over the years with each new version of Android is that slowly all the custom ROM features that we used to enjoy are coming back to us. Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Google finally realizes the importance of these small but efficient features and implements them in the official version. Android Nougat brought a feature which has always been of paramount importance to people with these two methods. These two methods only work for devices running Android Nougat or Android Oreo. If your OS version is lower, you will need to root your device and follow the steps for rooted users. Android Nougat added one of these feature which has always been (used to be) of paramount importance for people with small screen devices. Yes, I’m talking about changing the Android screen’s DPI density. Well, it’s not exactly called that, but something like that – “Screen Size”. We can change the screen size of Android devices and the interesting thing is that you can do it without rooting your device. We use a simple function that exists on Android devices like DPI Density to change the screen size. Let’s start using feature and adjust the screen size to our needs.

Android 7 (Nougat) and higher

All Android versions

Final note

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