How To Change Fonts On WhatsApp Messages – Guide

WhatsApp is an application without which you can’t even imagine your social life. You must have this app installed if you want to talk, call or even connect with someone. There are a number of tricks which will improve your WhatsApp experience in many ways. Have you ever wondered how these viral WhatsApp messages get this different font in chat? here is the simple trick you can use to do the same in your phone. Thereby trick, you can send WhatsApp conversations in a few different fonts instead of that boring default font. This one trick requires you to install a keyboard app from Google Play Store or App Store. We use the Fonts app here to change the font style. This app is free to download and also don’t worry about the ads because this app is completely ad free. Also, no useless permissions are needed to use this app. How to use this font app for stylish fonts on your phone. We all try to add that touch to make it more personal and relatable. From our wallpapers to whatsapp background.

Change font style in WhatsApp

Steps to use fonts on WhatsApp

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