How to change MAC address of an Android device – Guide

If you need to connect to public WiFi, the best way to protect your privacy is to change the MAC address. If a hacker knows your original MAC address, he can use it to impersonate you and do many illegal things with your MAC address. Some networks have MAC address filtering enabled, allowing only approved devices to connect to the network. By changing the MAC address, we can impersonate an allowed MAC on the network and bypass MAC address filtering. To remain anonymous and hide your identity from Wi-Fi providers who keep user logs based on your MAC address. Changing the MAC can prevent this type of tracking. Also, hackers exist on the same network as your devices, depending on the circumstances. Danger occurs in schools, public WLANs and workplaces. Spoofing your Mac address prevents direct hacking as the impersonator cannot directly access your device without the real address. Just think of this situation as using someone’s social security number. This number gives the abuser direct access to loan applications and more by having your real SSN. In others words, the hacker is you!! Just as the SSN identifies you globally, a MAC address identifies your device on the network.

About Phone Method

Dialer code method

A screen with phone usage and Wi-Fi information will open

You can find the Wi-Fi MAC address there. This dial code provides a lot of other information about your device. I use this one more often. There is another dial code which shows the MAC address.

no root access


To be honest, there is no proper way to change MAC address on Android phone rootless. android phone is shipped with a normal user account instead of root, so the user doesn’t accidentally mess around up The phone.

The normal user account does not have the power to change the MAC address.

Is there a way to change the MAC address temporarily, but this will only work on phones with MediaTek processors, this method will not work with Snapdragon processor.

Final note

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