Given the success of the game and the flood of new players who were unable to try it out on its first debut in 2020, Mediatonic has decided to release both a Season 1 and a battle pass. It’s time to discuss some beginning guides that players will need to be aware of as more new players join the game and as it is now accessible on more platforms than before. We mentioned below are the ways to Change Name In Fall Guys.

Ways to Change Name In Fall Guys

Change Name On Fall Guys

To change their names, players must use a built-in capability that Fall Guys already possesses. This feature was momentarily taken out of the game due to extensive abuse of the functionality and people selecting offensive identities. Since the game is no longer required to be purchased, users can once again access it by:

Change Your Name In Fall Guys PC

Final Words

The introduction of free-to-play is excellent. It commemorates the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft gaming platforms. On June 30, a Halo-themed event will be held to further mark the game’s arrival on Xbox. When Fall Guys first debuted back in 2020, it had a pretty explosive year. Although it wasn’t really that long ago, the events that soon followed in the world gave the impression that it had been. We hope our article on “How to Change Name In Fall Guys” will surely help you to do so.

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