How to Change Notification Sounds on your Android Device – Guide

Notification sounds can be a lot of fun and are a great way to personalize Android. From proudly announcing your device “You’ve got email!” for video game sounds, catchphrases from your favorite movie and snippets of your favorite music, this can be your notification sound if it can be saved as an audio file on your device. But how to change it? In that tutorial for Android beginners, we will find out. You can change your notification sound in several ways. Android has built-in tools for configuring it, which we’ll show you today, or you can install one of the many apps that deal with this issue. The most important thing to remember, and I’m sure we’ve all learned this before, is that you should choose an appropriate sound for your needs. It’s funny when you see someone on TV making a fool of themselves in public or at work because of an inappropriate ringtone or notification sound, but I doubt you want to be that person in real life.

How to Change Android Notification Sounds

Notification sounds are just one of many ways to customize your Android, and each version of Android refines the process. Your Android has a default notification sound setting for all apps; You can also change the tones application by application. How to change default tone and notification tones for Google Messages, Gmail and the Phone application.

Set custom ringtones for contacts

How to Change global default sound

Change notification sounds per app.

You can also change the notification sound in popular Android apps including Messages, Gmail and the Phone application.

Google messages

If you get a lot of notifications and want to know without looking that it’s a new text message, you can easily change the notification sound. Use your own sound or any of the sounds that come preloaded on your Android smartphone. Here it is how to change the notification sound in the Google Messages app.


Do you receive a lot of emails? Change the notification sound for any Gmail address that syncs with your smartphone. That way, you’ll know by the sound if you’ve received a new email and if it’s personal or work-related. Here it is how to change the notification sound in the Gmail app.

Phone Application

Android smartphones from the same manufacturer, such as Google or Samsung, often have the same default ringtone. So when multiple Google Pixel owners are in the same room, nobody knows whose phone is ringing unless they changed the default. Here it is how to Knife.

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