Guide: How To Change your Server on Showbox

Showbox is a great streaming app that you can use to watch your favorite shows and movies be it better or worse. With a multitude of streams and torrents to choose from, it would be difficult to find a better application for your pc or mobile device. Its ease of installation, in-app navigation, and smooth user interface often make it the favorite of most who choose to get involved in media streaming. However, such a great deal can often come with bugs, and Showbox isn’t without its frustrations. Without warning, the link to your favorite (or default) server can suddenly break, missing “what happens next”. Just as the movie was getting good, you’re treated to a disconnect and an effervescent desire to throw your smartphone across the room. In addition to its problematic battle with legality, Showbox lacks any official support. This means that the arduous task of helping those in need with all the problems that may arise remains up to sites like this one. So before you pull your hair out and are forced to add a few bucks to the curse jar, take a deep breath and follow along.

How to Change servers

Showbox offers a few different servers to choose from in case the one you were using goes down. The process of switching to a new one is incredibly easy. So to make you watch your favorite movie again:

Fix possible server errors

Since it is the most popular online streaming app, there is a chance of errors. If the above solution didn’t fix your problem for whatever reason and gave you another bug instead, we may be able to help. Some of the errors that can occur, such as “Video not available, try another server” or “Server not available / is not available or cannot play this link” have already been thoroughly covered by my colleagues. In addition to all the suggested solutions, you might want to consider using a VPN.

Why a VPN?

A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, allows individuals to access information, protected or otherwise, stored on a private network using a public network. So how does this help me with my streaming problem? By using a VPN you can also mask your IP address and adopt a new address depending on the region chosen. In some cases, the availability of a server is tied to a specific region. This is what is referred to as being geo-locked. The reason that a server is not populated in your application may be that you are not considered in the “correct region” and cannot view it. Take, for example, a popular MMORPG in Korea that you may want to play from the US. To do this, you need a VPN not only to reliably connect to their servers, but also to download the client from the game’s official site. Using a VPN creates a proxy server and masks your IP as if you were local, so you can enter the site and download the game client directly. The same thing happens when you use a VPN to purchase streams from media that you may be limited to in your current geolocation.

How to Use a VPN to help with Showbox Server problems

If at any point the stream starts to slow down or needs a lot of buffering time, you can usually fix this by switching to a different location in your VPN app.

How To Change your Server on Showbox: benefits


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