How to change Siri’s voice on iPhone and Mac – Guide

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced two new Siri voices that are available in English. It also added a configuration option that allows new users to select their preferred Siri voice instead of defaulting to a female voice in the US. The new voices, which Apple says provide more variety in tone and speech patterns, run voice recordings through Apple’s Neural Engine to make them flow more organically through spontaneously generated sentences so they sound more natural. When Siri launched, there were two main voice options you could choose from: male or female. Over time, more people around the world are using Siri than ever before. Apple recognized the opportunity to diversify the voice assistant to better meet the expectations of people of different cultures and languages. Instead of having just one language option with the same accents, you can choose from multiple languages ​​and dialects that best match your native language. This is just one of the things you probably didn’t know Siri could do. Changing your language or dialect can help feature understand you better when you give commands and make you feel more relaxed when using Siri. Apple has also recognized advancing gender diversity and no longer uses a female voice when defining up your iOS system. You can choose from four different American English voices. If you’ve updated your iPhone or Mac, you can still change Siri’s voice after setup to find out which voice you prefer. The following steps will show you how.

Change Siri Voice on iOS

Change Siri Voice on macOS

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